8 Positive Reinforcement Ideas For Kids

Positive reinforcement are highly effective for encouraging more positive behavior from your child.

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Parenting is tough, and it is very easy to spend more time getting on to the kids rather than emphasizing all of the good in their behaviors, character and personalities. We hope these 8 positive reinforcement ideas for kids will help you change those patterns and come up with a more positive parenting approach.


We hope you find these positive reinforcement ideas helpful. Do you have a reward system or positive reinforcement system you use for your kids? Tell us about it below in the comments.

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#1 I Caught You Being Good Jar

We totally LOVE this idea of letting your kids know that you are keeping your eyes peeled to try and catch them doing something nice. It's also super easy to make. All you need are: a clear container, label, glue, pom poms and cotton balls. This would be great for traveling, or just at home. Every time you see your kiddos do something good you will reward them with a pom pom in the jar and when the jar is full you can make plans together for a special outing or a special treat. (via Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)

#2 Good Deed Cards

Imagine how excited your kids will be every time they get their card punched for doing a good deed. This good deed punch card printable is tangible way reward good behavior. (via Eighteen25)

#3 Printable Behavior Charts

Your kiddo will love watching their points add up so that they can earn their sought after prize. (via A Little Tipsy)

#4 Parent and Kid Reward Jars

As parents we are usually very quick to pounce on our children's bad behaviors, but sometimes ignore our own bad tendencies like: yelling, nagging, giving the guilt-trip, etc. This concept is meant to be done alongside your children and it is a great experiment in promoting positive behavior for the whole family. (via How Does She)

#5 Dazzling Deeds Good Behavior Jars

We love the bright colors and child-friendly design of these jars. They are super adorable and an excellent way to work on a variety of your child's behaviors. (via Mama Miss)


#6 You Were Caught Being Good Reward System

Anytime your kids are caught doing something good, they get to pull a reward stick from the "You were caught being good" bucket. Depending on the age of your kids the rewards can be small or big. (via My Home Based Life)

#7 Responsibility Chart

If you are not up for a DIY project at this time, we've also included this Wooden Magnetic Responsibility chart with 90 magnets for you to check out. This hanging chore chart is a great way to promote responsibility. In addition to the chores there are magnets to help improve behaviors like "Say Please and Thank You." You can easily add a reward system that your kids can work towards earning at the end of the week. Check it out here.

#8 Praise Effort Rather Than Ability

Praise can have a powerful effect on your child. Acknowledging his efforts and achievements can boost his self-confidence and help motivate him to keep trying hard and looking for effective strategies to overcome his challenges. But some kinds of praise are more helpful than others. You'll definitely want to read this post that talks about how research supports the idea of praising your child's effort even if they have natural talent. This will change the way you compliment your kids. (via Understood)

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