“Don’t strive for ‘perfection’ or compare yourself to anyone else – just focus on being your best and embrace being YOU!!!”

The quote above is the anthem we sing here at HealthyMamaClub.com. We want to empower mothers everywhere to be healthy physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. Unhealthy media has created a society that teaches women their worth is in their physical appearance and stresses a beauty ideal that is unattainable by the vast majority of women. Instead of aiming to be a certain shape, size or weight to meet a beauty standard, we encourage moms everywhere to focus on long-term well-being, creating healthy habits and to be the best and healthiest version of themselves!

Women, especially new moms, often face many new things all at once: besides having to learn how to take care of a newborn, there are hormonal changes, body shape changes, fatigue, schedule concerns, social pressure, post-partum recovery, abdominal pain, and pelvic pain or weakness…just to name some. Unfortunately, women often do not get much postpartum guidance from health care providers. We then turn to web to look up information on how to shed those pregnancy pounds, recover, or how to increase body strength, but unfortunately much of the information we encounter online is incorrect, or costs money. We have felt first hand the extreme frustration that comes with all the misinformation about pelvic floor dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence, nutrition, healthy eating, health, etc. At its worse, misleading information online can even be more harmful than helpful. Many “Fitness” or “health” bloggers, despite having no professional qualifications, put out uninformed blog posts in order to capture traffic, and sometimes the exercise programs they recommend, such as the “100 sit-ups a day”challenge, can actually cause more harm, like exacerbating Diastasis Recti by putting pressure on already week connective tissues.

Whether we’re talking about health, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, family, parenting, health or finances, our goal here at HealthyMamaClub.com is to help you sort through the world wide web and find what’s real, smart, lasting, workable, and credible – everything from innovative workouts that you can do with your kids, healthy dinner recipes ideas to the best family vacation spots, and tips to deal with negative self talk, body image issues, and self-care. We know you’re busy enough as it is, and we want to help you by making it more simple for you to find the tools you need. HealthyMamaClub.com is the online community that gives mamas everywhere the tools and information on how to be a “healthy mama” indeed!

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