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What Is A Normal Diastasis?

The key at any size is how well your abdomen is functioning.

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What is a normal diastasis? One of my favorite things to do clinically is to reassure women that they don’t have a ‘diastasis’. And yes, I just used air quotes (written air quotes, but…not to be sarcastic, instead to ease women’s minds). I love telling them that yes, you have a gap, technically a ‘diastasis’. But the good news is, it is not the kind of gap that we are concerned about. Instead, I let them know that what they are exhibiting is a normal postpartum separation (a normal diastasis), and an imbalance in the way that they are using their central stability system created by the pregnancy, compensations, and habits. Their concerns about the appearance or function of their abdomen can be addressed by re-establishing balance in that system, whole abdominal wall coordination, and restoring tension in the connective tissue inside the gap if needed. In fact they actually may be displaying close to their normal pre-partum gap, but they never tested their own abdomen before pregnancy to determine what their baseline separation/diastasis was.


I have long been an advocate for creating and communicating better definitions, parameters, and messages around diastasis. So much of the challenge around clear and hopeful information is the actual word diastasis. The technical definition of diastasis is “the separation of normally joined parts”….


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